Jason Saltzman – My go to ride

Jason Saltzman from Aevolo Cycling (Long term friends of the site) talks to us about his favourite loop/ride.

Every rider has their “go to” ride(s) from home. This is one of many “go to” rides that, as of late, I have been frequenting more and more. After a little over a half an hour of flat riding as a warmup, this route takes you up and away from civilization on roads that serpentine through the fabled California Redwoods. The meat of the ride contains no flat sections (only up or down), no stop lights, and maybe three stop signs. Without these things there is nothing to detract from the scenery, the riding, or your effort.

To read more about Jason and his team check out his profile here and the team here. It’s also easy to see why Jason is one of the teams Climbers with a route like this.

[route id=12118503]

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