Video : Tom Pidcock : STEPPING UP TO ELITE

Tom Pidcock’s rise has been something that’s intrigued me quite a bit over the last while. Earmarked as the next great white hope of British Cycling since he was an U16, he has followed his own path. And I’ve wondered over the last year or so if the puff has gone out of his hype train. With the likes of Evenpoel, Simmons, Eekhoff, etc all stepping up as such young ages I had wondered was the value diminshing in his stature.

This video gives a good insight into his background, and into his makeup and has made me question my assesment of him. If you have the time, it’s certainly worth the watch

Empire State of Mind: Where to now for Team Ineos

Going into the 2020 Season it looks like Team Ineos has the strongest team of all time put together. In reality, is this true? Or could they be heading for what looks like a different style of team altogether?

When you say the names Carapaz (Current Giro Winner), Bernal (Current Tour de France Winner), Thomas (Last year’s Tour de France Winner) and Froome (4 x Tour de France, Giro, 2 x Vuelta) you have to wonder what they can’t win next year, in reality how do you manage these riders and get them to ride for someone else. Which brings us to the point if you look past the headline names are Team Ineos changing to a model of Galácticos, rather than structure around a defined leader. Read More

Yes, you are a cheat, even you Larry.

It’s not neccessarily your fault but still.

Post the U23 Worlds there seems to have been a huge amount of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth from Pros saying “Well everyone drafts the cars, so please let me massage my conscience for a minute to make it seem as if it’s okay”.  It really doesn’t matter if the nicest guy in the Peloton gets back on using a draft. It’s still against the rules.  So lets set the rules out fairly clearly, here they are from the UCI Website. (PDF Download Here) Read More

The Belgian Machine – What’s it like from the Inside.

So I’ve been very busy lately with family and life, but I’ve managed a few appearances on The Velocast. To keep you going to the end of the Vuelta, I spoke with one of the riders I looked after during the Rás, Connor Lambert. I put a few questions to him about what life has been like for a Ginger Aussie/Paddy in Belgium these past few years and what he’s taken from it. Read More

How the Game is Broken..

I was searching through some folders of stuff the other day and I came across this piece I wrote in 2013. It’s still relevant today ..

How the Game is Broken..

You often hear the phrase bandied about “Don’t hate the Player, hate the game” and it’s never been more relevant than in connection with cycling. The game of professional cycling (and De Gri is turning in his grave at me mentioning it as a game) is broken. The twin doping positives from the Vini Fantini team are showing up a true broken game, it’s raised more questions about how we treat people, teams, riders and how Professional cycling has to use up and spit out riders to make it all go round. Read More

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