My One Time Commute

So this was my daily commute for nearly 7 years, I only managed to ride the full distance home a couple of times.  And this was one of those occasions where I did get to ride home. The only downfall to working in an air conditioned building was when I headed off, I didn’t know how hot it had gotten. The air temperature that day got up to 35C, not too hot for many of my friends south of the equator, but for Ireland, properly boiling.

It’s a fantastic trip, meandering from Carlow, down through Kilkenny (ticking off Paulstown, Dungarvan, Thomastown, Ballyhale). The legs started to die a death coming along that rolling section that is Mullinavat to Waterford. If I remember correctly I stopped in Mullinavat to refill both bottles and drown my head with a third.

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