Durango Unchained

Durango resident and Aevolo rider Nick McKey from Aevolo Cycling (Long term friends of the site) talks to us about his favourite loop/ride.

As far as routes, this one is my favorite specific route out here in Durango. It’s got a nice climb to start out, a cool little secret gravel climb that gives the most unique view of the mountains that I just had to stop and admire. It then gently rises until you enter the town of Vallecito, and Vallecito has this nostalgic Americana vibe to it that gets me every time I ride through there. Nice lake, log cabins, and my favorite view in the 970 area code. Then you head into this canyon to the turn around point with a view that just makes you seem so in tune with everything around you. All this is great, but the part that makes it is the fact that the average speed coming back is almost always over 25mph with little to no extra effort..

To read more about Nick and his team check out his profile here and the team here.

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