4 – Jason Saltzman talks Playlists

Jason Saltzman from Aevolo Cycling (Long term friends of the site) talks to us the current iteration of his playlists and what music drives him.

“4…” is the fourth iteration of my warmup/workout/general life playlist. It contains songs that “made the cut” from each of the three previous iterations of the playlist (aptly named “1”, “2”, and “3?”) and the songs that are currently in the mix. While I have a fairly eclectic taste in music and most genres are fair game, “4…” is dominated by EDM and Rap. The playlist gets added to and amended every few days as I explore new music, but eventually I will need a fresh start and the next playlist will be born… maybe by then I’ll have a more creative title than “5”..

To read more about Jason and his team check out his profile here and the team here. Maybe give him some suggestions as to a new name for 5…

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