Albums in the Key of Nick

Nick McKey from Aevolo Cycling (Long term friends of the site) talks to us about the current iteration of his playlists and what music drives him.

This playlist is my favorite, just because it’s got so many different vibes. These are all longer DJ mixes, from 20 minutes long to 3 hours. I like them because they all have a vibe that they follow throughout them, so if I just need something steady for an hour and half, I’ve got it. If I need 20 minutes of uninterrupted hype music, it’s there. With the fact that they’re mixes, you get a small minute or two clip from each song, so I get exposed to a ton of new music. If I had to pick a favorite out of there, it would be Immersive Mixtape – Side Two by Bassnectar. It’s the mix I tell people to listen to who don’t like electronic music.

To read more about Nick and his team check out his profile here and the team here.

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