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Extra Content: Collins Cycle Center Rás Team Interview

In an Irish Radio Interview with Tipp Mid West Radio club sponsor, rider and Rás debutant PJ Collins and Team Manager Derek Troy have a long ranging chat with Stevie O’Donnell about the team and their hopes for the Rás Tailteann 2018

Episode 19 – Van Aert, Benoot, Kittel and Wiggins’s Bob

This week on the Podcast – John and Derek discuss the honesty of Wout Van Aert v’s Jeorme Cousin. Are Sprint Trains a thing of the past ? They also talk about Paris Nice, Tirreno Adriatico and Bradley Wiggins’s borrowing my mothers 1990s haircut.


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Albums in the Key of Nick

Nick McKey from Aevolo Cycling (Long term friends of the site) talks to us about the current iteration of his playlists and what music drives him. Read More

Durango Unchained

Durango resident and Aevolo rider Nick McKey from Aevolo Cycling (Long term friends of the site) talks to us about his favourite loop/ride. Read More

Episode 24: Post Giro and Rás, and the Fever is still real

Ardennes week to the left of me, Giro to the right and I’m stuck in the middle with Derek.

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Soundgarden and More

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to listening to music, but eventually I always come back to a set of seminal albums that always work for me when training. Soundgarden’s Superunknown is one of those albums. This is a little playlist kicked off one of those Superunknown tracks.

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