Corona Virus – Working from Home – Cycling Care Pack

A lot of us across the Globe are now being confined to home or cycling by ourselves when we do get a chance to get out. To keep spirits up we’ve put this page together with a few bits and pieces to try keep your mental health good, and give you something to occupy your mind other than the world going to shit.

I’ll try keep this updated if we get anything new in. And if you want to get something included – drop me a line info at flammecast dot com or on Twitter @flammecast



At work I run three screens, and at home I run just the two. But I always like to have a good supply of Wallpapers for my computer that change on the hour. In keeping with that idea, I’ve created two seperate Zip Files

Cycling Wallpapers (32 MB)

Wallpaper Wallpapers (>32 MB)

The Cycling Wallpapers contain some photos I’ve gathered over the years, the Wallpaper Wallpapers are a nice collection of photos of Landscapes and the like I’ve collated over time, there’s even a few shots in there from me as well.

FYI – These are all large resolution PC / MAC / Desktop – if you need some for your phone I’ll knock them up.

Goodies *Updated*

Fair play to the lads in FulGaz for this.. Are you listening Zwift ?

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Want to kill some time on YouTube ?

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